What Is the Importance of Purchasing Cancer Health Insurance?

Cancer is one of the common yet dreaded diseases that anyone can have. However, the fact that it may or may not happen to someone brings up the dilemma of whether to have or not have cancer-critical illness insurance. So, if you think, ‘why should I opt for cancer health insurance?’, ‘how can cancer health insurance plans help me?’, then you are not alone. This article will discuss the benefits of health insurance policy for every individual.

But first, let’s check out a few fast facts on cancer.

Did you Know?

In India, people usually ignore the early symptoms of this disease, and hence, cancer remains undetected in the early days. Sometimes, genetics play a crucial role in the occurrence of cancer. And as a matter of fact, 40% of this disease happens due to excessive tobacco consumption. However, it also doesn’t mean that you cannot get cancer if you never have tobacco. So, here are a few facts that you should be aware of before you think about opting for health insurance for cancer patients:

  • Studies have shown that 1 in 9 women and 1 in 8 men get cancer during their lifetime.
  • In India, every year, 7 lakh new cancer cases are detected.
  • More than 14.5 lakh people are diagnosed with this deadly disease every year in India. Also, 6-7 lakh people die of cancer every year.
  • More women die from cervical cancer in India than in any other nation. Every 8 minutes, one woman dies of cervical cancer in India.
  • In India, cancer is the second most common cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.

Reasons to Buy Cancer Health Insurance in India

So, without being scared of what you just read above, it’s better to opt for critical illness insurance for cancer, isn’t it? Here are a few more reasons to go for it:

  • If the disease runs in your family

If you have a history of cancer in your family, you should consider getting yourself health insurance for cancer patients. If anybody in your family had cancer, having such an insurance policy might work in your favour. Also, as cancer treatments are pretty costly, insurance coverage can help you deal with the same without feeling the financial burden.

  • If you do not have sufficient financial savings

Your financial background will play a huge role in determining how successful you can come out of the situation in medical emergencies. Also, a person can even go bankrupt without the needed funds for cancer treatments. Hence, if you think you do not have sufficient financial savings to cope with cancer treatment if you get detected with it in the future, you must opt for cancer health insurance.

  • If your current health insurance doesn’t have cancer cover

If the above two pointers have already hinted at the necessity of opting for cancer critical illness insurance policy, then you should try searching for one right away. Also, if your current health insurance plan doesn’t come with a cancer cover, it becomes another solid reason for you to get one. Comprehensive life insurance doesn’t need to always come with a cancer cover. Hence, you must check with your insurer before choosing an insurance policy.

  • If cancer health insurance plans cover all types of cancer

Generally, most critical illness insurance policies cover all types of cancer treatments in India. However, if the cancer is transmitted sexually through HIV or AIDS or skin cancer, you will not get coverage from cancer health insurance plans. Women must have a cancer health insurance policy as cervical and breast cancers are two of the most common types in India and worldwide.


Summing it up, in the lower-middle-class Indian households, women end up suffering the most due to a lack of proper care and health awareness. The Indian Council of Medical Research has also researched that breast cancer is India’s most common cancer type. And due to the late diagnosis of the same, even survival rate is lower than other parts of the world.

Hence, having a comprehensive health insurance policy with a cancer cover or a cancer health insurance plan can take care of such dreaded health risks in women. In addition, cancer insurance plans offer coverage for treatment costs, in-patient hospitalisations, and other unique needs related to cancer treatments.

Hence, it’s now time that you become a little more aware of the risks of not having a cancer insurance policy for the women of your family or even for men. Cancer may come unannounced to anyone at any point in time. And the only thing we can do is be prepared with the tools to fight it.

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