The efficiency of DSA agents helping out banks

A direct selling agent is an essential asset for banks since the job of a DSA agent is to gather people interested in going in for a loan for multiple reasons such as cars/homes and the list goes on. A DSA for banks enjoys the benefits of the number of packages converted by them leading to a commission on the amount handed out to the customer via the bank. The authenticity of the customers also plays a huge role in whether it goes through or not which is determined before approval and even the customer is helped out with the procedure of documentation by the DSA assigned to him/her.

DSA for banks can be referred to as mini entrepreneurs too if we gauge the amount of sales brought in by them and the conversion rate that they provide to the banks in total each year. All of us can relate to the fact that the human touch is necessary when being introduced to a new service or product. DSAs for the banks play an essential role when it comes to it since they can provide a really well-explained description of how a loan would work as well as the pros and cons of the entire deal. The customer would feel at ease considering the explanation being presented. By adding their touch with one of the finest DSA for banks present in the market, the banks manage to simplify the loan application procedure making it much easier and feasible to opt-in for.

How a DSA can contribute to each aspect shall be explained in the points mentioned below:-

To Individuals –

  • DSA can identify potential clients for the banks that hire them.
  • An additional income in the form of agent commission.

To NBFCs –

  • Maximum utilisation of resources present for them.
  • To make the presence felt of the financial instruments offered via NBFCs
  • Review the flow of customers and deliver timely solutions to the parties involved.

A DSA can be the bridge for the clients of the financial institutes and also a path to receive the information required about NBFC’s product range.

The telemarketing strategy used by DSA for banks that have hired these specialists manages the communication that takes place between working hours that are standard, introduces you to the NBFCs’ schemes and policies, confirms the access to contact them along with the valid points for the contacts made to the client, appointment handling, etc.

A DSA agrees to the KYC policy as well as the Anti Money Laundering policy in order to ensure a safe environment has been developed around the fact that frauds need to be avoided. It poses a greater threat to the clients apart from the bank’s public image if not taken care of at the start when appointing any individual for a bank. It can lead to penalization through the government ending up with heavy fines being imposed.

A DSA for banks needs to attend the training so that it leads to the awareness of such issues amongst the candidates and they can be well versed with how to tackle them.

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