RV Loans: The Pros and Cons of Rentals

Many RVers invest in motorhomes or campers with the hope of earning extra money by renting them. They may decide to rent their rig when it’s not in use.

Offering a product or service as you embrace full-time RVing isn’t the only way to earn money from your RV in this digital age. RV rental can be a lucrative source of income that will help you pay off your loan and achieve your traveling dreams.

In case you’re planning to rent your RV, it’s imperative to check the pros and cons before making a move.


·       Earn extra money

The fact that you’re living a budget-friendly life in your rig doesn’t mean you won’t need money. You’ll certainly incur expenses each day, and remember you need to pay back your loan too. Bear in mind that the bigger your camper, the more money you will earn.

Renting your RV will eliminate the cost of camping or using the services of storage facilities. Research market rates so that you can charge a fair rate. However, there is nothing wrong with charging a higher rate during peak times. Prioritize offering unique customer service to attract more customers.

·       Proper maintenance

Leaving your RV for a long time can make it depreciate. This may lead to expensive issues. Rent out your RV whenever you feel like taking a break from the lifestyle instead of abandoning it in a storage facility. People that use their RVs a few times a year should consider this option.

Renting your rig will ensure that it doesn’t miss out on repairs and routine maintenance which are way cheaper. It will also protect your systems.

·       Connect with others

Most millennials prefer investing in experiences to stuff. It’s common for them to try RV rental first to determine if it’s the lifestyle they want.

Several people are eager to enjoy the RV life but are not ready to make a huge financial commitment. Your services will be of great benefit to such individuals and their loved ones as you introduce them to the lifestyle.


·       Risk of damage

This often happens if it ends up in the hands of inexperienced RVers. It’s not surprising that some people ditch the idea altogether to avoid risks such as water damage or damage caused by pets.

Once your RV loans application is successful, you can rent your RV through rental companies to lower this risk. The bottom line is that they must have insurance.

Screening your renters before handing them the keys can help you to be on the safer side.

·       It can be stressful and time-consuming

The aspect of doing your due diligence when looking for renters can be time-consuming. Most people find it difficult to trust strangers with their vehicle, and this is normal. Nevertheless, there are still trustworthy people out there.

Moving your stuff away from the motorhome or camper is another issue, especially if you’re a full-time RVer. It’s best to do this gradually so that it won’t be overwhelming.

·       Safety concerns

Make sure you lower safety and security risks in your RV. In case you’ve been using it for some years, upgrade the tires to brand new ones. This will give you peace of mind as your renters move around.

Invite your mechanic to conduct a complete brake inspection. Try to invest in smoke detectors and other safety gadgets too.

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