NRF Vision Panel Thoughts From Sinclair Founder Andrew Brooks

The National Retail Federation (NRF) held its 2020 conference right before COVID came along and changed the landscape of the retail world. Fortunately, the information provided at that conference by Sinclair’s Andrew Brooks and other noted entrepreneurs is even more significant based on the changes that have taken place. The biggest focus for Brooks has been the success of his apparel companies, including Sinclair Global, which was founded in 2020.

His knowledge of products, marketing, consumers, and much more has helped him provide insight and information at the NRF Vision Panel and through other outlets. His advice is wide-ranging but also detailed enough to clearly indicate the direction companies will want to take in order to increase their chances of ongoing retail success in the marketplace. Authenticity, says Sinclair’s Andrew Brooks, is among the biggest areas that companies should be focused on for the future.

Consumers are starting to demand more authentic experiences, and that translates into ensuring they have that with their retail purchases, as well. Brooks’ company Sinclair, for example, offers authentic streetwear that’s more than just clothing. It’s a lifestyle brand people can relate to and feel comfortable with. By working to build that level of authenticity with their customers, retail brands have opportunities to bring in a larger customer base and enjoy the free advertising that happy customers provide.

Bringing In Influencers

Another way to advertise authentically is to work with influencers who fit with the brand. If you choose influencers just based on the number of followers or other markers of their popularity, you could end up with a campaign that falls flat. Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, has seen that happen, and knows that even smaller influencers can have more reach and provide more success for companies when they’re authentically aligned with the company’s brand goals. Consumers will be looking for that, and it matters to them.

When he spoke at the NRF Vision Panel, Brooks talked about the future of retail and where it appears to be headed next. Consumers, he says, are looking not just for authenticity, but also for sustainability. With a larger focus on sustainable products in the marketplace, companies who are working to provide that may experience higher levels of success than companies that don’t place any importance on whether their products are sustainable.

Importance of Technology

Technology also matters, as how consumers are being reached is important. Smartphones are taking over from laptops and other computers, so companies need to ensure they’re offering information, purchasing options, and company information in a format that works on mobile. The products they’re offering also need to make use of technology, and all the advancements it provides, in order to stay up with the times and interesting to consumers.

Andrew Brooks, Sinclair CEO, has seen significant levels of success, including being named to the “30 under 30” list, but he understands that he still has to work every day to stay a leader in his field. Entrepreneurs in the retail space will also need to make this effort if they want to continue to build their brand.

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