Investment Advice, Who Should You Invest in?

We all want to invest in our future financially to set ourselves up in a comfortable position as well as looking after our family in the long run. If you’re a beginner looking where and how to start your investment journey this year, you’ve landed in the right place. We have provided a breakdown of some of the best companies to invest in this year.

GBX: One GBX is one penny, for example: £1.28 = 128GBX.


This year has seen the housing market boom, placing Rightmove in a leading position in terms of stock performance this year. Surprisingly with the uncertainty the last year has brought, one thing we are certain on is how well the housing market has done, leading to Rightmove seeing a surge of traffic to their website, particularly with the stamp duty holiday in place. Rightmove has seen a 5.11% increase in GBX over the last month to 659.00GBX. With housing prices increasing at the fastest rate in five years, the time is now to invest in the industry to get the most bang for your buck.

Wynnstay PLC

Wynnstay PLC has seen a fantastic performance improvement over the last 6 months, seeing their stocks rise 61.01% + 210.50 to 555.50GBX. Wynnstay PLC is an agricultural supplies and specialist agricultural merchant who manufacture and supply agricultural products to farmers and the wider rural community across the UK. Revenue is up 9% to £249.71m per year with the inflation of commodity pricing accounting for 61% of this rise. (Wynnstay PLC Interim Results). There is a surge in confidence amongst farmers with higher farmgate prices, clarity from the EU settlement and the landmark agriculture act, contributing towards a fantastically profitable public limited company with a strong stance in the stock market.

JD Sports

With the Euro’s and Olympics giving people the inspiration to get working out and kitted up in the best sports where, the time is now to invest your money into JD Sports. Regardless of the seasonal changes, JD have a fantastic business model and have demonstrated growth over the years with great profit margin. Over the last 6 months, JD has seen a growth of 10% in share price +86.00 to 942.00GBX.

As with any financial investment there are always risks when investing into stocks and shares. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of investing below:


  • You can grow with the economy
  • Easy to buy
  • Easy to sell
  • Stay ahead of inflation


  • Risk of losing your investment
  • Time consuming to do your research
  • Competition
  • Stockholders get paid last should the company go bankrupt.

Before investing, make sure you weigh up the pros and cons against your own personal circumstances. Investing in your future is always beneficial if done cautiously, with the best research and advice for you. You should never tackle investments head on, you should always do your research and look into consulting a professional.

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