How to Buy Health Insurance Policy for Your Spouse?

Getting married entails a lot of responsibility, and it becomes a shared dream between spouses to build a life together. When you get married, your individual, as well as your spouse’s financial and health security becomes a priority, and each other’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Since life is unpredictable, the best way to ensure health security is to avail a health insurance policy for your spouse – indeed, it is the best thing you can gift to your life partner. Health insurance policies will cover all health-related costs and prevent the family from being burdened by the same.

Here are some of the ways you can purchase a health insurance policy for your spouse –

Group Health Insurance Policy

Employers often extend additional perquisites over and above the remuneration to the employees. These can be in the form of group insurance plans. Group insurance plans offer medical coverage to its employees at a nominal premium. There is a fixed sum assured under this plan. Most insurance companies also permit adding your spouse to these group insurance policies. This additional cover for your spouse is available at a marginal premium. While a group policy may at times prove to be insufficient, you can ensure the preliminary coverage using a group plan as it does not have waiting periods and includes cover for pre-existing ailments too.

Family Floater Plans

Family health insurance policies offer a comprehensive insurance cover for all those insured under the plan. In case you already have a family floater policy that covers your parents, you can simply add your spouse to it. But while you add your spouse, make sure you increase the sum assured. This should be done as the entire sum assured is shared among the beneficiaries of the policy. Although increasing the sum assured will increase the premium of your plan, it is worthwhile to pay a little extra to get the benefits extended to your loved ones.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

In case you do not want to add your spouse to your group policy or family floater plan, you can opt for a standalone health insurance policy. An individual plan will ensure you can customise its requirements. It is a comprehensive plan that provides all-round protection without compromising on quality. Make sure you take into consideration your spouse’s medical conditions before purchasing one. It will help in selecting a suitable policy or getting it customised from your insurer to suit your needs. The inclusions and exclusion are also instrumental in deciding whether to opt for a particular policy or not.

While you can opt for any of the plans mentioned above, here are some tips that you can keep in mind while selecting one –

  • Take note of your budget. One often tends to load unnecessary add-ons, thereby making it a burden to pay the premium in the long run. Make sure you compare from the various available plans and shortlist the ones that meet your pocket as well as your needs.
  • When you buy health insurance plans, there are a few conditions that come attached like waiting periods, cover for pre-existing conditions and more. You need to consider your spouse’s medical history before finalising your purchase.
  • Although family planning may be a far-fetched thought when you are just married, it is essential you take that in consideration too. Some family plans allow maternity coverage in the form of additional riders. Also, these maternity covers have waiting periods as long as 36 months. It is important you consider these decisions too when buying an insurance policy.

These are some of the ways you can purchase a health insurance policy for your spouse. If you wish to buy a health insurance policy that suits you and your spouse best, and also fits in your budget, you can use the health insurance premium calculator to calculate and select the best one. After everything they do for you, they surely deserve the best!

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