How Must One Take Care of Their Two-Wheeler in Heavy Rains?

Monsoon is a time of the year full of potholes, traffic jams, flooding and inconvenience. Vehicles, especially two-wheelers, are most prone to damage.

If you are a bike lover, then you know how precious your two-wheeler is for you. During the monsoons, you want your beloved bike to be protected and taken care of. You can insure your bike with an adequate two wheeler insurance cover &take certain precautions to ensure that it is in good shape, especially during this dreaded time of the year:

Timely servicing

In our hectic schedules, we can forget our bike’s servicing dates. It is wise to service your bike before the monsoons begin. Basic measures such as lubricating the chain and changing the engine oil can be taken during the pre-monsoon servicing. You could also get rain specific measures such as anti-rust protection, extra coating, and so on.

Replace tires

Rains can make your two-wheelers prone to accidents due to skidding, in addition to the roads being in a bad state. It can be dangerous if your bike’s tires lose traction. It’s important to check if your tires have worn out and replace them on time.

Check the brakes

If the brakes fail, it can put your life in danger and even put others’ lives at risk. During the monsoons, it becomes even more crucial to have your brakes in order. Check the brakes and get them repaired if need be. Also, control the brakes on the road during monsoon to prevent the bike from over-speeding and further risk of accidents.

Clean the bike

Due to humidity and moisture during the monsoons, your bike’s air filters and other parts can be adversely affected. Moisture can also settle in some key parts of the bike during the rains, which can damage the functionality. It’s important to clean the moist area of the bike to keep it in good shape.

Indicator light

When riding your bike during heavy rains, your indicator light can prove to be a lifesaver – both for you and your bike. Due to low visibility during monsoons, especially if it is accompanied by heavy winds, the indicator light can provide visibility and prevent other vehicles from bumping into your bike. Check if your indicator light is working. If not, then make sure you get it functional before the rainy season begins.

Buy insurance

As a precaution, purchase two-wheeler insurance to protect your precious bike. It will cover any financial losses caused by damage during the rains. If you already have it, then make sure you check your two wheeler insurance renewal date and do the needful before the rains begin.

So these are some of the ways you can take care of your two-wheeler when the monsoon hits. Your precious bike needs to be protected from any damage caused by heavy rains, and following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you have a smooth ride throughout the monsoons. And lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to buy two-wheeler insurance.You can choose affordable plans by checking the two wheeler insurance premium calculator. Happy riding!

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