Common Problems Faced by Tractor Owners in India

Getting a tractor loan can help you purchase farming equipment to increase your productivity and grow your business. However, owning a tractor comes with its challenges, as it requires thorough maintenance. Read on to learn about the common issues and how to tackle them.

Technical problems

  • Dull blades

Tractors come with knives, rotary blades, or similar equipment that you need to cut the crops. However, these blades can get worn with time and stop working properly. To avoid this, you must sharpen the blades at least twice a year.

  • Defective engine

Your tractor’s efficiency and power depend primarily on the engine, but it is also the component that can give you the most trouble. It will hamper the tractor’s performance and lead to low fuel consumption. So, always look for indications of a malfunctioning engine and take care of it soon.

  • Low-performing fuel system

With time, the fuel system of a tractor starts to perform in low capacity. In case the tractor faces issues during the start, check the carburetor and sediment bowl to know if you need to do any work on these parts. You must also consider adding a fuel stabilizer to the diesel fuel, which protects the fuel system from clogging.

Financial problems

Opting for tractor finance is the easiest way to get monetary backing for buying various farm equipment. However, tractor financing has its challenges.

  • Getting the right lender

Many lenders in India offer loans for tractors. However, the real task is to find one that meets all your needs.

  • Lengthy process

Applying for a loan can be a tedious procedure. From documentation to meeting tractor loan eligibility and approval, the lending process can be complicated and long.

  • Communication gap

It can get difficult to maintain clear communication with financial institutions, especially when you are busy managing your farm. So, you may end up facing trouble in getting a suitable lender and loan amount.

How to solve these concerns

A few effective ideas to protect the health of your tractor include washing it regularly, protecting it against rust, inspecting it thoroughly, and keeping a maintenance log.

To tackle the fiscal challenges, consider opting for a loan from Mahindra Finance. It comes with minimal requirements for tractor loan documents and a wide network of branches in semi-urban and rural areas in India. Moreover, the lender may approve your loan request within two days.


Mahindra Finance can fund your new tractor and maintenance expenses with affordable tractor loan interest rates and flexible repayment options. So, with the appropriate loan, you can buy a high-quality tractor, which will prove to be a valuable asset in the long run. Visit the Mahindra Finance website now and apply for a tractor loan!

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