Being an institutional investor with ADSS

Finding the right broker when you are an institutional investor can be a difficult endeavour. This is because you may be looking for more complex services that most retail brokers may not offer. Fortunately, ADSS provides features and tools geared towards most institutional investors. In this ADSS review, we take a look at what they offer, their services, and what investors can do with them. Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

ADSS’ background

ADSS is an award-winning market leader focusing on providing sophisticated over-the-counter (OTC) products across a wide range of trading options and services. The brokerage firm also provides deep liquidity and competitive spreads to its clients. Their experts have an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape, and their platform’s simplified user experience allows easy access to the global financial markets. Available on desktop, browser and mobile devices, traders can trade anytime, anywhere using ADSS’ trading platform.

Overview for institutional investors

You will be pleased to know that ADSS also provides specific services geared towards institutional investors. ADSS’ institutional clients include retail brokers, banks, hedge funds and asset managers from all over the world. The investment firm does this by using bank, non-bank and multiple regional liquidity pools to deliver a unique trading experience to their clients. By using ADSS” bespoke version of the industry favourite MT4 platform, ADSS can match traders with one or more sources of liquidity that can be tailored to suit their needs. For example, ADSS offers pure buy-side liquidity to its institutional clients. ADSS is also proud to be connected to multiple third-party tech providers including PrimeXM and OneZero for easy and quick plug ‘n’ play set-ups.

Products on offer

When it comes to products on offer, you will be happy to know that ADSS offers a wide variety of instruments under its belt. This includes spot forex – such as the major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, precious metals – such as gold, silver and platinum, contracts for difference (CFDs) – on indices, commodities, treasuries, and single stocks. Traders can also access ADSS’ Trading Desk for intuitional-level customer support and transaction execution services. These are 24/5 multilingual customer support – meaning issues can be solved as soon as they come up, voice execution, and market analysis and research.

Global liquidity network

ADSS provides more than 30 sources of liquidity available through its all-in-one, intuitive platform. This means traders can optimise the value of their trades, with low latency and high levels of flexibility. ADSS’ connectivity includes Gold-I, PrimeXM, Fastmatch, Lucera, TraderTools, Currenex, One-Zero, and more.

Hosting and colocation

ADSS is sure to partner with the world’s leading providers of low-latency infrastructure hubs. This is to guarantee that the broker will meet high standards and offer a quality service for traders all over the world. More specifically, ADSS works with LD4 in London and NY4 in New York. The investment firm provides full-feature low latency FIX API for pricing and trading, alongside 24/5 support from their team of experienced experts. This way, traders are less likely to experience slippage when they make their trades.

Prime brokerage services

No matter how complicated your trading requirements and needs are, ADSS is sure to have you covered through its wide variety of prime brokerage services. This is done by using state-of-the-art technology and the power of ADSS’ global network of partners. Below are a few of the brokerage firm’s tailored services:

Bespoke liquidity solutions

Traders can access a deep multilayer liquidity pool via margin or give-up accounts, through ADSS’ extensive section of market-leading Tier 1, Tier 2 bank and non-bank market makers.

White label opportunities

ADSS’ white label services allow brokers to repackage services under their own brand name. This provides brokers and their businesses with all the tools needed to monitor client trading and deliver extensive back-office support. So, if you are looking to provide a market-leading, multi-asset trading platform with a fully integrated back-office management system. ADSS white label offerings provide a cost-effective solution. In fact, ADSS has collaborated with a number of institutions from banks to other brokers to deliver bespoke white label solutions meeting the exact requirements of each of their clients. This includes fully customisable branding, access across multiple devices, full access to client onboarding, administration and back-office apps, secure hosting infrastructure and more.

Margin solutions

ADSS’ highly advanced and intuitive platform helps traders to manage risks and make efficient use of capital by means of leverage. ADSS also can provide a Net Open Position (NOP) line for trading on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits for investors and clients

There are plenty of benefits that come with being an institutional investor when working with ADSS. The first is that ADSS provides a simple-to-use platform for retail investors. There are also advanced services included for professionals, such as the above bespoke liquidity solutions. Moreover, ADSS offers support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. There is also multi-language support, such as in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Italian and German, which is fantastic for people whose first language is not English. Moreover, ADSS provides powerful integrations of account opening, customer funding, marketing and notification capabilities and research – all in a single trading application.

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