Are You Responsible For Your Spouse’s Tax Liability

You indeed get some benefits when you file a joint tax return after marriage. So, people find it the best choice for filing taxes. At the same time, filing both taxes together can become a drawback when your spouse owes back taxes. Even if you are due a refund, you may be charged for what your spouse owes.

Regardless of your status being married, divorced, or separated, you both are responsible for the back taxes. But there are ways to get relief if you think you are taxed unfairly. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) offers relief for innocent spouses if they meet qualifications for that. If you think going through this process is somewhat tedious, there are tax professionals to help you out.

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Who Qualifies For Innocent Spouse Relief?

You may qualify for innocent spouse relief if you can meet all the following conditions.

  • Your spouse has an understatement of tax and you do not know of that.
  • You are unaware of your spouse’s actions when you signed the joint return.
  • If your spouse has underreported their income and you never noticed it.

Situations When IRS Gives Your Relief

There are some rules that IRS follows and give tax relief in appropriate situations.

  • Your spouse is wholly responsible for the tax debts incurred before marriage.
  • If you are divorced, you won’t be held responsible for the tax debts of your spouse.
  • If you have filed separately, you won’t be liable for the back taxes and tax debts.

With the help of tax professionals, you can get your refund and protect your assets by filing Form 8379.

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