5 Top Things One Can Do with Their Credit Cards

Credit cards are easier to carry than loads of cash to facilitate instant transactions anytime and anywhere when shopping or travelling. The cards are also great for super-fast online bill payments!

Here are 5 other great uses of credit cards!

#1 – Build a Credit Score

Consider applying for a credit card to build your credit score. See if the card minimises or excludes certain charges. With lower charges, you can clear your dues faster and boost the credit score.

For that, the following kinds of cards are especially useful:

  • A credit card with the lowest interest rate: It charges you minimally when you cannot pay the full credit card balance from the last billing cycle.
  • A lifetime free credit card: It never charges annual maintenance fees to let you use the card.

#2 – Finance High-Value Purchases Easily

Suppose your refrigerator suddenly stops working and you have to buy a new one. Then you need not wait to collect enough cash. You can take a loan against your credit card and repay it in EMIs. Proceed after learning about the applicable rate of interest and processing fees.

You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pay the monthly instalments gradually within the repayment tenure.
  • The best benefit is a percentage of cashback on your first credit card EMI transaction.

#3 – Finance an Emergency Instantly

You may not be prepared with enough cash in a medical emergency. Credit cards, especially the ones with interest-free cash withdrawals and no over-the-limit fees are handy plus extra useful in these cases. They don’t charge you for withdrawing cash using your card or exceeding the credit limit to finance the emergency instantly.

#4 – Enjoy a Rewarding Shopping Experience

Want to shop online super-fast at home while making it a rewarding experience? Apply for a credit card offering reward points for every rupee spent using the card. Rewards may include attractive gift vouchers, shopping deals, and more!

See if the card offers the following added benefits for using rewards:

  • Up to 10X reward points on all card-based spending on your birthday.
  • Limitless credit points.
  • Credit points without any expiry so you don’t lose them and can use them anytime you want!
  • No redemption fees charged on using rewards.
  • Online credit card transactions offer more reward points than offline spending. So, you can earn more while shopping online safely at home using your card!

#5 – Avail of Offers on Various Purchases

A good credit card offers attractive time-to-time deals at partner merchants of various categories. An example is a classic credit card. So, no more trouble of visiting multiple sources to shop for different things.

Such a card can let you enjoy:

  • Lifestyle benefits: These include great deals on shopping and dining, a monthly complimentary round of golf, and movie ticket offers on your credit card!
  • Travel benefits: These include complimentary railway and airport lounge access and discounted hotel bookings.
  • Other benefits: These include deals at health and wellness outlets, in-app online discounts, education and upskilling offers, discounted services and more!

A credit card also tracks your transactions to help develop a good spending habit. So, apply for the best card and enjoy its benefits!

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